Something is Baking Again: New Cooking Week – The Five Hosts (trailer)


A new week begins at “Something is Baking Again” and five new hosts open their homes and share with us recipes they love.

The beginning is made today by Vassilis. He is a traditional guy and a fan. Its menu includes mainly meat and is reminiscent of a Sunday table. The first acquaintance with the rest of his company leaves mixed feelings and in fact some people openly express their dissatisfaction regarding the dishes he prepares.

Watch the trailer:

The Tuesday 14/12 takes the baton Christos. He deals with renovations and gymnastics, which he emphasizes plays the most important role in his life. Although he likes healthy food, he goes against his eating habits and prepares a menu to satisfy his guests. But some failures seem to be unforgivable.

The Wednesday 15/12 enters the kitchen George. He says that he has culinary knowledge and that he will prepare an even menu. He is sure that his dishes will be rated with 10, however his guests have the opposite opinion.

THE Helen “Rolls up her sleeves” her Thursday 16/12. Although young, she makes a demanding menu and her guests seem to be impressed. But some people have a lot of complaints from the night.

The curtain falls on Friday 17/12 in the house of another beautiful Ελένης. She is the mom of the company and her dishes are full of colors and smells. Unfortunately, her guests are not satisfied.

The moment of the announcement arrives and everyone is surprised with the development and the result of the winner. Who will manage to win them 2,500 euros;

“SOMETHING IS BAKED AGAIN” with Konstantina Spyropoulou

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