Designer Claes Iversen created a haute couture tree in a historic hotel (photo)

Designer Claes Iversen created a haute couture tree in a historic hotel (photo)

Danish fashion designer Claes Iversen, whose designs have been worn by artists and members of the royal family, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and Princess Mary of Denmark (created in the main photo by Amber Heard) has created an impressive tall tree. sewing for the hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam.

The impressive 10-meter tall project is one of Amsterdam’s largest outdoor Christmas trees and highlights the use of unique materials and the craftsmanship of Iversen, who implemented a bold festive idea inspired by one of the haute couture dresses he created in the past. The tree, placed in the winter garden of the historic hotel, is covered with ribbons in bright colors and rings.

“For me, a tree must always have something magical, the child inside you must wake up. It is very similar to sewing: Something that moves us and looks like a dream. “There are no limits to the decoration of a tree, everything is allowed and everything is possible,” said the fashion designer.

When creating the Christmas tree, the biggest challenge, he explained, was creating decorations suitable for outdoor use,

“I use the colors I chose in many of my collections. Fortunately, the management of Pulitzer Amsterdam was immediately thrilled with my choice. “I hope many people will visit the hotel to come and see the tree,” Iversen said.

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