Roberto Justus reveals bladder cancer and will undergo chemotherapy


Presenter and businessman Roberto Justus, 67, discovered bladder cancer. Through social media, he revealed that he had already operated and learned later that the nodule was malignant.

“I’m regulated, I take care of myself, I’ve never had addictions, but I’m subject to having any kind of thing. During a check-up that I do every year, I discovered a cyst above my bladder. We operated and saw that it was bladder cancer, but it was taken in time,” he revealed.

According to him, “cancer is not a death sentence”, and it is essential that it is discovered quickly. From now on, he will undergo 12 stages of chemotherapy to eliminate any risk.

“Early treatment is the greatest ally to save people’s lives. Hair may fall out, but vanity doesn’t matter now. Short period, no problem if hair falls out. The priority is to ensure that I still have a lot of time with my family. .”

Famous friends sent positive vibes, like his wife, Ana Paula Siebert. “My love, you are an example of strength. Everything will be fine. We are together,” she wrote.

Adriane Galisteu, with whom Justus has already had a relationship, was another one to wish for improvements. “Good health. It’s worked out.” Luciano Camargo sent forces and Leda Nagle said that “everything will work out, you deserve it”. César Filho was another one to wish him well. “God bless you. Congratulations for being attentive and sharing with us.”

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