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Guilherme de Padua’s wake takes place in the church where he became a pastor


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Actor Guilherme de Pádua, who died after a heart attack at the age of 53, is being veiled at the Lagoinha Baptist Church, in Belo Horizonte (MG), this Monday morning (7). It was there that he became a pastor.

According to the Church, the ceremony, open to the public, should take place until around 1 pm and then he will be buried in the Parque da Colina cemetery in the afternoon.

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The death was reported by Márcio Valadão, leader of the Lagoinha Baptist Church. However, one fact has drawn attention on social media: his smile when talking about the loss.

With a happy face, Valadão says: “I received a call talking about one of our pastors who has just passed away. He was arrested, served all his time, but he converted. It was just now, he fell and died”, he said.

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The video intrigued the web, which reverberated. “She’s happier than Gloria Perez”, wrote an internet user. “The video of Pastor Valadão telling me that Guilherme de Pádua died got me too much. He tells it smiling, in a unique joy”, opined another.

Actor Raul Gazolla, 67, celebrated the death. in conversation with the F5, opined that “the planet dawned better, the air cleaner”. “Even the bishop of his church [Márcio Valadão] broke the news laughing. It must have been a torment for the church to have as its pastor a murderer with an ego as big as his crime,” she says.

Gazolla was married to Daniella in 1992, the year he was brutally murdered by Pádua and his wife at the time, Paula Thomaz, with a blunt object.

To this day, 30 years later, he confesses that he had not been able to forgive the murderers. “It’s too late. Now you have to settle accounts with the invert, the capiroto, the bad thing”, he says.

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