Casimiro announces Ronaldo Phenomenon and youtubers to broadcast the Cup


Streamer Casimiro Miguel will have a YouTube channel created specifically for the broadcast of more than 20 games from the Qatar World Cup, which will start on the 20th of November.

During one of his lives, he announced that he will have the help of a team of youtubers in the broadcast and also Ronaldo Fenômeno.

“Alan Intern will be available to do things for me, like an entry or live participation. We will have three teams. André Hernan will go there. We will have Diogo Defante. Ítalo Sena will also be with us. Obviously, Luis Felipe Freitas narrating, Guilherme Beltrão in the comments”, he indicated.

Despite not being able to reveal everything, he says there will be a lot of news. “I won’t talk because I don’t know who is confirmed, but we’re going to have a nice crowd during the Cup. Marcelo, Ronaldo (Phenomenon) will participate with us”, he amended during a chat with fans.

Casimiro also said that the idea was to have the former Fluminense striker Fred in the squad, but Globo first hired him to participate in the Central da Copa.

The news about Casimiro broadcasting the Cup was published by him on his social networks. “One game a day until the final. De Graça! You are my guest for # CopaNoCazé”, he wrote.

Globo, despite having broadcasting rights on open TV, does not have exclusivity in digital media. Now, there will be a collaboration between LiveMode, Casimiro’s partner, with FIFA.

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