Silva talks about dating Paulo Gustavo’s widower: ‘I want to help with the children’


Whoever thought the relationship between singer Silva and dermatologist Thales Bretas, widower of Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021) was wrong. The two took up the relationship (albeit discreetly) in September, at Rock in Rio, but would be together at least since April. Since then, the union has only grown stronger.

“It has done me a lot of good to relate to him, to know him more and more. I have no problems talking about us. I want him to disappear in my life and I want to add to his life”, says the musician from Espírito Santo, who is back to the record company Som Livre, the company that launched it in 2012.

Silva (Lúcio Silva de Souza on the birth certificate) already knows Thales and Paulo’s children, the three-year-old twins Gael and Romeu. Not only does he know, but he says he is enchanted by the boys, so much so that he intends to be more and more present in their lives.

“They are passionate, too beautiful. I want to be able to help Thales with this, he has a life that is not easy. If our relationship is really to be established, I want to be able to be together”, he said. Since the comedian died, in May 2021, the dermatologist shares the raising of children with his ex-mother-in-law Déa Lúcia.

Silva, who posed for photos with Thales for the first time at the closing event of Lula’s (PT) campaign on September 27, hopes to be in the inauguration of the new president on January 1, in Brasília, but already suffer in anticipation.

“I play on New Year’s Eve. I do two shows on the same night and I don’t know how I’ll be able to leave Roraima at dawn, but I’ll try. I really want to be able to participate in this historic moment”, says the singer, who bets on Daniela Mercury for the Ministry of Culture .

“I’ve been hearing Daniela’s name a lot in the middle and I believe she would accept it because she’s a very politicized person, you know? She likes this place of the artist, a critical being. Daniela has total conditions and I’m rooting for her, who has always been generous with me “.

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