Thessaloniki: Burglars broke in for a robbery and even ate…sandwiches


The family was in the rooms and sleeping, without… smelling anything

An incredible robbery took place in Thessaloniki, with two burglars entering a house at dawn and despite the fact that the family was in the bedrooms, they sat in the kitchen, made… sandwiches and ate.

Of course, apart from the sandwiches, the burglars got away stealing mobile phones and jewelry.

The duo of robbers had allegedly “raised” more than ten houses in Drymos, Thessaloniki.

The owner of the house speaking to emphasized:

“We didn’t even understand how they got in. It must have been early morning. They went to the kitchen and opened the fridge themselves, made something to eat and then left after taking food with them. Previously, they also entered the rooms while we were sleeping inside and stole our mobile phones and jewelry.”

In another house, the burglars broke in while the occupants were watching TV in their living room.

Taking advantage of the fact that a balcony door was open, they entered one of the bedrooms in the house and stole jackets and other clothes before disappearing. Jewelry and cash were stolen from a detached house about 2 weeks ago, while the owners were away.

Of course, burglars don’t just break into houses, but also businesses, from where they continue the same tactics, grabbing literally everything they find.

A typical example is a hairdressing salon where they grabbed hairdressing equipment (clipper, hair straightener, etc.) and products from an IT store.

The police officers of the Oreokastro Security Department are investigating the case further.

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