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Birthday for Demi Moore – Exindara…. but a log! – “I feel more alive and present than ever”


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“I don’t like to be defined by a number, but by my experiences,” says the famous actress

Demi Moore has left its mark. She shaved her head, learned to do push-ups with one arm, fought for equal pay in Hollywood and bared her soul in a bestseller. Today, celebrating her 60th birthday, she herself feels more alive and present than ever.

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In fact, during the summer months the actress designed a swimwear collection for a well-known company, for all body types and for all ages.

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“It’s about changing this idea that women become less desirable as we get older. We like to feel sexy, regardless of our age,” she said in an earlier interview.

The famous actress really seems to love herself. When asked about how he feels about growing up, he was completely honest. “I don’t like to be defined by a number, but by my experiences. You turn 59 and you’re already thinking, “Well, I’m going to be 60.” It’s very liberating. When I think of my grandmother at 60, in a way, she seemed to have already resigned herself to being old. But I feel, in many ways, more alive and present than ever.”

One of the things Moore still can’t get used to is hearing her name and the word idol in the same sentence.

“Hearing that about yourself feels a little unreal,” he says. “I feel flattered, although it doesn’t suit me, but I like it. To me, what an icon has always meant is someone who blazed a trail and marked something that moved people or had an impact that was positive. And in that sense, I feel very proud to be placed in a category that will be associated with that.”

As for her sense of style, the movie star admits that while she likes to dress up, it’s at home in her jumpsuits that she shines…

“I appreciate fashion and have a relationship with designers, whom I respect and admire. But I still feel like a little kid, who dresses up and really likes to be comfortable and wear loose clothes.”

Finally, Demi Moore admitted that her girls advise her about her outfit and she considers them her “teachers”.

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