Gal Costa: Restaurant owner denies having mocked the singer’s death with ‘it’s too late, PT’


Owner of one of the most popular restaurants in Costa do Conde, an hour from the capital João Pessoa, Paraíba, Ana Luiza Mendonça became the target of much criticism on social media for allegedly mocking Gal Costa on her Instagram profile. Shortly after the official announcement of the death of the singer from Bahia on Wednesday (9), a comment was posted on her page: “It’s already late, PT”.

The post ran through message groups in the northeastern region and, in a matter of minutes, went viral on the internet. Ana Luiza received several insults and even threats of boycott from the customers of Canyon de Coqueirinho. After the attacks, the businesswoman deleted her profile on the network. On Friday night (11), she published a note clarifying what happened on the restaurant’s official page.

She denied that she was the author of the comment “it’s too late, PT”, implying that her account had been invaded by a hacker. She even promised to go to court to find out who was responsible for the hate attack. Ana Luiza acknowledged that the comment is “disrespectful” and “inadmissible” and also stated that she had a “deep admiration” for Gal Costa.

“We are taking the appropriate legal measures, while we regret the terrible event and apologize for any situation of embarrassment or discomfort that this fact may have caused”, says the note of the businesswoman.

The event producer responsible for the publication lamenting the death of Gal Costa, where Ana Luiza Mendonça’s comment appears, suffered attacks and decided to comment on the episode. “We repudiate any type of behavior of this kind regardless of political parties or positions.” Gal Costa died, aged 77, of an undisclosed cause.

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