Tereza Seiblitz says André Gonçalves has not paid child support for 10 years


Actress Tereza Seiblitz, 57, mother of one of the daughters of actor André Gonçalves, 46, broke the silence on social media when responding to an internet user who criticized her for charging child support for her daughter Manuela, 22. She said he doesn’t pay. pension for ten years.

Tereza published a 1995 video on Instagram of her gypsy character Dara, from the soap opera “Explode Coração”, dancing for businessman Júlio Falcão (Edson Celulari). In the midst of comments from netizens praising her character in the soap opera, a man criticized the artist for charging his daughter’s pension.

“Charging child support for a 23-year-old daughter. That’s a shame. And she still calls herself a feminist. She sends Manuela to work to become an independent woman instead of living on child support forever. That’s undignified,” the man wrote.

The actress replied that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and called him “gross and cruel” like so many parents who don’t bear the cost of their children. “For your government, the father of my daughter who turned 22 hasn’t paid child support for ten years. She dropped the charge. She was verbally abused by him. In addition, his lawyer was so rude that the mediator closed the session. A piece of advice. : if you can’t help, don’t get in the way,” said Tereza.

Netizens came out in defense of the actress and criticized the man for the comment. One woman said that he must be another child who does not pay child support and called him ridiculous. “What do you have to do with it? Will it come out of your pocket?”, asked the netizen.

Another person stated that men who do not pay child support and are not responsible for their children deserve to be charged in court. “Not only for pension, but for all the emotional damage they cause to their children. And a relationship for moral, affective and financial abandonment, you defending what you don’t know, you must be another male like him who only knows how to be male by doing children, without assuming them”, wrote the internet user.

One woman apologized to Tereza and said she thinks what she and actress and journalist Cynthia Benini, 48, mother of another Gonçalves daughter, are doing with the actor is cruel. She defended the actor saying that he is unemployed, has no way to pay the child support and suggests that they make a deal.

According to the woman, prison is something heavy for the actor, who is not a criminal. “Are you guys starving? I’m sure not.” The actress did not respond to the comment.

The lawsuit filed by Manuela against her father, demanding the pension, is a secret from the courts. He is in the 4th Family Court of Rio de Janeiro and is waiting for the judge’s decision. Sought, the actor’s daughter did not respond to requests.

Gonçalves’ lawyer, Sylvio Guerra, tells the F5 who does not believe that the new arrest warrant will go ahead. “This request for arrest will not go ahead, as he is already under house arrest, despite having not yet received the electronic anklet or the warrant. But the arrest has already been decreed by another process of Valentina”, he comments.

On November 23, the actor had house arrest decreed by the Justice of Santa Catarina in a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife and Valentina’s mother, actress and journalist Cynthia Benini. The sentence determines that Gonçalves is monitored by electronic ankle bracelets and is under house arrest for a period of 60 days. “He will comply with that decision,” said the lawyer.

The actor’s debt for non-payment of the pension is R$352,000. He had been in default since 2017. Segundo Guerra, Gonçalves always fulfilled his commitments to Valentina and her other two children during the long period in which he was hired by Globo — the discount was made on the payroll.

But since 2016, when he was fired from the network and became unemployed, he has been unable to pay the full pension. “And it was accumulating. [No período] He did some plays, did the Dance of the Famous, and all that he deposited for his children. But he couldn’t pay the full amount of the pension, but he never failed to deposit something,” he explained. The lawyer added that they are going to try to reach an agreement for the payment of the debt.


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