“Neighborhoods on a plate”: Premiere with a tour of the central vegetable market of Athens


An acclaimed chef like Dimitris Skarmoutsos has traveled to many culinary destinations. But it’s the walks in nearby, familiar neighborhoods that still fascinate him.

Inexhaustible and full of delicious secrets waiting to be discovered. From such a tour, in the historic Agora of Athens in Renti, the “NEIGHBORS ON THE PLATE”the Sunday 20 November at 17:45, to . Dimitris Skarmoutsos discovers and presents to us the human, warm and welcoming face of this very lively and commercial part of the city as well as its culinary treasures!

People with passion who have created businesses that focus on good raw material, welcome Dimitris Skarmoutsos with the warmest embrace. A visit to Trumpet which trades the rarest fruits and vegetables from all over the world is full of aromas, colorful images and special tastes. There we learn what edible flowers are and what they offer to our plate. What place does dragon fruit and grenadine have on our table? Did you know there is lime caviar?

The chef’s attitude to Gogaki brings to our screens all sorts of frozen items, from vegetables and seafood, to baked goods and game. Even exotic species that we may not be used to but are popular in other parts of the world.

In his fish shop Rokaki from Crete, where every morning Dimitris fills the shop with fresh fish and seafood from all over Greece, he meets George, a third-generation fishmonger, who confides in him that he is never bored in this job. After all, is the budgerigar superior in taste to the mullet?

Last stop of his tour, the Mezeklikia of the Vegetable Market, a modern grocery store with cheeses and charcuterie that also doubles as a mezedo restaurant and cooks everything you ask for on the spot. Dimitris Skarmoutsos goes behind the counter to get to know flavors and products of Greek production. A store that literally offers… patriotism on the shelf!

Returning to the studio, chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos prepares two delicious recipes, inspired by his walk. A cool salad with prawns, prosciutto and mango and pineapple dressing as well as a pumpkin risotto with Mani and marjoram.

See you next week in one more neighborhood, maybe even yours!

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