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“Anise”: Pericles’ plan to destroy Philip – Watch the trailer


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Periklis (N. Georgakis) shows the new spirit to Menelaos (K. Apostolakis), with the ultimate goal of damaging the Demiri business. Will Menelaus accept?

And while Aliki (M. Marnelis) fights with Raphael (A. Giannakos), who followed her all the way to Athens, he learns from Margarita (Th. Vostanzoglou) and Angelos (V. Athanasopoulos) that Aliki is visiting the imprisoned her mother.

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On the other hand, Karim (H. Kontogiorgis) asks Fatima (E. Sofroniadou) to talk to Razan (E. Pieridou) who is “cold” towards him, because his tolerance has a certain limit.

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At the same time, Hermione (T. Trypi) tries in every way to re-hire Raphael to the company, while Paul (D. Apostolopoulos) is informed by Billy (K. Moutaftsis) that they are expecting new “merchandise”.


And while all this is happening, Razan goes to ask a favor from Stratis (G. Papageorgiou) while he insists that they leave together, while Pericles receives an unexpected visit, which awakens unpleasant memories.

Watch a clip from tonight’s episode:


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