Pete Davidson’s secret to flirting with the most beautiful women in the world – Emily Ratajkowski is his new conquest


Many wonder how a guy who looks like Beetlejuice became this generation’s Casanova

As we wrote in the previous days, Mr Pete Davidson he is dating her now Emily Ratajkowski. Growing up, the supermodel used to pray to God to make her the most beautiful woman. And God did his… miracle.

Of course, Emily Ratajkowski is not the only beautiful and accomplished woman that Pitt dates. Recently, he broke up with Kim Kardashian. Before her, “heartthrob” Pete Davidson dated Kate Beckinsale, Margaret Qualley, Kaia Gerber, Phoebe Dynevor and Ariana Grande. Dionne Warwick now seems to be looking good, announcing this week on Twitter that: “I’m going out with Pete Davidson.”

Many wonder how a guy who looks like Beetlejuice became this generation’s Casanova. However, Ariana Grande paid tribute to her former lover in her song “Thank u, Next”. But more than his charm has to do with Pete’s sense of humor about himself.

Instead of bragging and celebrating Grande’s description of him, he seems to be amused and poke fun at it, saying he’s a “sex symbol for reasons no one can understand.”

In an age where men like Elon Musk don’t lift a fly on their sword, Kanye West and Donald Trump are self-proclaimed geniuses, seeing a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously is like a breath of fresh air.

While other men are obsessed with appearing as the perfect men, Pete Davidson is open about his vulnerabilities. He has spoken on air about going to rehab in 2017.

As one Twitter user noted: “Guys who are confused about how Pete Davidson continues to be a heartthrob despite his average looks should realize that their personality is actually the problem.”

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