Léo Santana cancels Carnival block and cites sanitary uncertainties as reason

Léo Santana cancels Carnival block and cites sanitary uncertainties as reason

Singer Léo Santana, 33, announced through social networks that his Carnival block will no longer take place at the Barra-Ondina circuit in Salvador (BA).

According to him, the reason is the uncertainty regarding Covid-19 and health issues to make an event of this size. In this way, everyone who had already purchased an abadá from Bloco do Naná, which would be partying on Friday and Saturday, will be automatically transferred to the 2023 party.

“Our dream was postponed, but it was only for a while. Due to the uncertainties with our Carnival, our block will be postponed to 2023”, commented the singer.

“In 2023, we will be together in our block with much more excitement to make Carnival the way we like it, which we are used to,” he added.

Something similar had already been done by Daniela Mercury. The artist announced that she will not perform during Carnival 2022 in order not to promote agglomerations. According to her, when evaluating the situation in the country, the conclusion is that “the scenario is very uncertain”.

“I’m already considering that in Bahia, the government and city hall will not hold Carnival 2022, even though there is still no official announcement. And, despite the São Paulo party being maintained, and Pipoca da Rainha is so traditional in São Paulo’s revelry , unfortunately I will not parade in 2022”, she says in a statement.

According to the artist, if the authorities maintain the festivities, her and her team’s idea is to try, as far as possible, to hold some events throughout the summer.


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