Tweety, the most famous canary turns 80 years old


First appeared on film on November 21, 1942

It was November 21, 1942, and Tweety, the bright yellow canary appears for the first time in a movie…

Tweety is a cartoon character. This is a yellow anthropomorphic canary that came out of Warner Studios and starred in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoon series.

Tweety is the creation of cartoonist Bob Clampett (1913-1984). His source of inspiration was a photo of himself when he was a baby. Tweety first appeared in the short film A Tale of two Kitties, which premiered on November 21, 1942. Orson, as his first name was, had to deal with two hungry cats named Babbitt and Katsello.

That is why Clampett endowed him with aggression and brazenness. By design, the early Tweety was pink in color, had large progules, and appeared cheesy, which upset the censors. So Clampett was forced to add wings to it.

In 1947 he found Clampett working on a film where Twitty would have to face a black and white cat, which had been created by Fritz Freeleg. But Clampett left Warner and Freeleg took over the completion of the film.

Tweety became milder in character, but more quick-tempered, in order to deal with Cat, who later took the name Sylvester. The Tweetie Pie movie was a big hit and won an Oscar for Warner.

Since then, Tweety and Sylvester, though mortal rivals, have become one of the most famous couples in animated history. In fact, in 1998 they were honored by the US Post Office with a stamp depicting their figures.

Tweety and Sylvester live at Grandma’s house, but the insatiable Sylvester eyes the yellow canary. He wants to devour it at all costs and is always devising more and more elaborate tricks to achieve his goal.

But he always fails, either by his own mistakes or by the cunning of Tweety, who leads his pursuer to Granny or Hector the bulldog, who undertake to sane him, if only temporarily.

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