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The extraordinary meeting in Maximos on the Ark of the World: The next steps for the Structure


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The aim is to examine the operation of the structure and the protection of children while the judicial investigation is ongoing.

With the aim of ensuring the safety and protection of the children in its structures Ark of the World, after the pan-Hellenic shock caused by the allegations of sexual abuse and brutal behavior against them, an emergency meeting is being held today, Monday at 9.30 a.m. at Megaros Maximos.

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The meeting will be attended by the Deputy Minister of Labor Domna Michailidou and the Secretary General of Social Solidarity Giorgos Stamatis who will undertake to implement any decisions with sensitivity and care for the children who remain in the structures.

The aim is to examine the operation of the structure and the protection of children while the judicial investigation is ongoing.

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Essentially the government want to look at the framework and the steps that need to be taken to ensure the protection of children while the judicial investigation of the complaints in the structure lasts.

At the same time, the testimonies of former food workers about what happened in the Ark are shocking about what happened behind the closed doors of the NGO with minor victims in various structures around the country.

The government is looking at the possibility that the existing board of directors will be replaced by a transitional structure with government officials until the case is resolved and if it is necessary to have a complete restructuring in order to continue the operation under a new framework.

During the meeting, the operational framework of the Ark of the World will be examined during the period in which prosecutorial actions take place with a view to ensuring the protection of children without jeopardizing their housing and the provision of the necessary goods for their living in the structure.

It is expected that the control at the Ark of the World will be intensified with the participation of a social worker and a psychologist regarding the children who live there, while the entire administrative structure and operation will be checked.

The case has been referred by the Greek Police to the Justice which has undertaken its investigation.

The Ministries of Finance and Labor, as soon as the complaints became known, suspended the financial aid and the transfer of real estate, respectively, without, however, jeopardizing the operation of the structure and by extension the smooth living of the children it hosts, as in the opposite case, dozens children to be on the road.

Intervention of Hieronymus

Earlier, His Beatitude Archbishop of Athens and All Greece Mr. Ieronymos pointed out in his statement that yesterday afternoon he ordered “the carrying out of regular investigations, following named complaints before the competent authorities, against the cleric of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens Fr. Antonio Papanikolaou, in which and I imposed, by my decision, the prohibition of sacrificial acts until the trial of the case.

“As a Church, we are at the disposal of the authorities, in order to contribute, in any way, to the complete clarification of this nightmarish case,” he points out.

On the part of “Kivotos” they speak of a scenario of lies and ask for the fastest investigation and clarification of “this dark case in order to reveal the truth and the scenario of lies and to remove this sad shadow over our organization”.

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