Gal Costa: Friends and widow fight in networks for burial place


Fifteen days after the death of Gal Costa, the place chosen by the singer’s widow, Wilma Petrillo, for the burial continues to be contested by people close to the artist. Gal was buried in São Paulo and the dissatisfaction with the burial not being in Rio de Janeiro had already been raised by her friend and former manager, Paulinho Lima.

At the time, he said that Gal wanted to be buried next to her mother, Mariah Costa Pena, in the São João Batista Cemetery, in the south zone of Rio. The information was confirmed by the singer’s brother, Guto Burgos.

Now, Lima has returned to Instagram to raise the tone of criticism and complaints about the burial taking place in a different location than the one chosen by the artist.

“Gal Costa bought a tomb in Rio de Janeiro, when his mother died. In this cemetery are buried Carmem Miranda, Ary Barroso, Dorival Caymmi, Vinicius de Moraes, Cazuza, Glauber and Anecy Rocha, members of the Brazilian Academy and most of the great artists. It is not fair that she is buried in a tomb that is not hers and that it is difficult for her fans and friends to arrive to pay homage”, she wrote.

Annoyed, Gal’s widow, Wilma Petrillo, countered Lima. “Paulo, you don’t know anything. This guy Paulo hasn’t lived with Gal for over 40 years,” she wrote in the publication. Wilma was accused by him of “hiding” Gal from her friends and of having a controlling posture. At Gal’s seventh day mass, in Rio, Folha learned that Wilma was called “Pitbull” among some of the singer’s friends. wanted by F5she still hadn’t answered.

However, it was not just Paulo who showed his annoyance. Lúcia Veríssimo, who was Gal Costa’s girlfriend, also gave her opinion in the conversation. “I’m attentive. You can leave it. All in good time. It’s difficult. But we’re going on the right path. Trust me,” she wrote after being tagged in the post.

Actor Ciro Barcelos, a member of the Dzi Croquettes group, also contested the decision to bury him in another state. “May Gal Costa’s body be taken to Rio de Janeiro and rest beside his beloved mother, dear to all of us who lived with her. May Gal Costa receive the last and deserved tribute that was not paid to her in São Paulo. May your fans and friends visit your grave and cover it with flowers,” he said.

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