“Neighborhoods on a plate”: Discovering the delicious secrets of Asia Minor in Nea Ionia – Watch trailer


In a neighborhood with a rich culinary tradition, Dimitris Skarmoutsos guides us on Sunday, November 27 at 17:45 on SKAI

In a neighborhood with a rich culinary tradition, we are guided by Dimitris Skarmoutsoson Sunday, November 27 at 5:45 p.m . A district that has the air of another era with traditional houses and plenty of greenery, the Nea Ionia.

Nea Ionia was founded in 1923 after the Asia Minor disaster and was a big hug for refugees from Antalya, Smyrna, Kastamonis and Ayvali. Even today, it maintains the identity of the neighborhood and stands out for its culinary proposals that take us to other times and places. Dimitris Skarmoutsou’s tour of the memories of taste begins at “Podiakon”, a grocery store with many pastry products, traditional cheeses, hot sauces and snacks. There he is welcomed by Nadia and Giannis and the counter is filled with delicacies such as gais, perek and salmadakis. But what is a crotch?

The second stop at “Pites Gounaridis” for traditional mince pie, potato pie and onion pie introduces us to the secrets of the sheet with… matcho verga!

With a history that begins in 1934, “Ta Iulia” is the sweetest stop in the neighborhood. The romantic story behind their name can only be rivaled by the intoxicating aroma of its bun and the sweetness of its political syrups. Recipes passed down from generation to generation and reverently followed with modern facilities giving a new definition to perfection.

A pleasant surprise is the tavern “Karavida” with fresh fish and seafood at affordable prices, with specialties such as delicious shellfish and crab cakes.

Returning to the studio, Dimitris Skarmoutsos prepares an aromatic tart with almond cream and green apples and civil lamb Tash kebab with smoked eggplant puree.
See you next week in another neighborhood!

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