Businesswoman, engineer, doctor: meet the wives of the Brazilian national team players

Businesswoman, engineer, doctor: meet the wives of the Brazilian national team players

There is a team that closely follows the players of the Brazilian national team. It is made up of the wives of the stars, who manage to reconcile constant changes (city, country, continent) with their own professional life and shine in different areas.

Marília Nery, wife of midfielder Everton Ribeiro, has a degree in Advertising and works as a volunteer in hospitals for children. Fluent in English and connected to fashion, she is practically a beach tennis professional.

Marília forms a duo with Fernanda Bachi, daughter-in-law of Tite, coach of the national team, and the two are considered stars in the sport. Protagonist of a beautiful scene of affection with her husband when she hugs him, crying, after winning the Copa do Brasil, Marília is the mother of Augusto and Antônio, 2-year-old Tonton, mascot of Flamengo fans.

Speaking of Flamengo, it was on the premises of the club in Rio that nutritionist Maria Eduarda Fournier met Lucas Paquetá, 25. A fulminating passion that resulted in marriage, in 2018, after less than a year of dating. Newlyweds, they went to Italy. The player, today in English football, had been sold to Milan.

Maria Eduarda and Paquetá already have two children, Benício and Fillipo. She was invited to be one of the ambassadors of a Brazilian vitamin brand in Qatar, and has already warned her followers that she will invest in her career as a digital influencer until she returns to work in her field.

Married for eight years to defender Marquinhos, Carol Cabrino is a singer and in 2008, aged 15, she began to be successful on YouTube, where she posted videos with her covers. Three years later, she was invited to do freshman programs, including “Young talents”, by Raul Gil, who became a kind of godfather. The couple has three children.

The side Alex Telles and Vitoria Schneider have been together since 2021. This is the second marriage of the defender and the first of the country artist, who for years was a duo with the singer Lola. After the end of the partnership, she continued composing and some of her songs have already been recorded by Felipe Araújo and Simone e Simaria. “Traitor”, written by her, is on the soundtrack of the series “Só se para por amor”, with actress Lucy Alves.

Anna Mariana met midfielder Casemiro when he was still playing for São Paulo. She was finishing Business Administration in 2011 and, two years later, the player was transferred to Spanish football. Mother of Sara and Caio, Anna has enjoyed the life of an influencer and already makes posts in partnership with some brands.

Captain of the national team, Thiago Silva, 38, has been married for almost two decades to Isabelle Silva. Together for 18 years, they are the parents of two boys, Isago and Iago. Belle, as she likes to be called, is an influencer and has already expressed her desire to open a business in the fashion area.

At 39, Daniel Alves is in his second marriage, now with Spanish top model Joana Sanz. She is at the peak of her career and walks for some of the most sophisticated brands in the world. Daniel maintains a good relationship with his ex-wife, Dinorah Sant’Ana, who is a businesswoman and the player’s partner in several businesses. The side has two children (a couple) from his first union.

There is another nutritionist in the group. She is Ana Lídia Martins, engaged to midfielder Bruno Guimarães. Together for three years, they are the parents of little Matteo, who was born on October 21st. A little before becoming a father, the player asked her to marry him, which will happen in Brazil next year.

Midfielder for the Brazilian national team, Fred is married to chemical engineer Monique Salum. She even worked at the Nuclear Technology Development Center of Minas Gerais. A little before the pandemic, she was a volunteer in social projects, including Criança Feliz Angola, in the African country. The two have been together since 2016 and are the parents of a boy named Benjamin.

Natália Loewe graduated in Medicine at the end of 2015, five months after her marriage to goalkeeper Alisson. When she was preparing to specialize in pediatrics, he was sold to Roma, Italy, and she had to postpone her plans. The couple has three children: Helena, Matteo and Rafael.

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