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“They provoke me to see the temper of my character,” claimed Petros Filippides


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What the accused actor argued in Court

“They provoke me to see the temper of my character,” said an irritated Petros Filippidis during the testimony of the actress Lena Drosakis at the Mixed Jury Court, which examines three cases of sexual violence against the leader of the group.

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During her examination, Mrs. Drosaki she was asked if she has ever heard of Filippidis raping another girl. The witness referred to one case, saying, however, that it did not involve rape and that she could not say the name.

Chairman: Legally, this is not possible. If you know something you have to say names, otherwise you say I don’t know.

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Drosaki: Sorry I didn’t know that…

The accused, clearly irritated, got up from the bench and started shouting at the actress “Excuse me? Sorry;;;” .

The defendant’s wife intervened on the scene, who, after calming down, asked for the reason:

“I have been challenged for so long to have this reaction. I haven’t spoken in two years. They make my character irritable. They want to see the reaction,” he told the judges. The process continues.


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