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“Glycanisos”: Nikita’s accident destroys Anthi and Stathoula – Watch the trailer


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Karim (H. Kontogiorgis) meets Stratis (G. Papageorgiou) and threatens him to stay away from Razan (E. Pieridou), while Nikitas (F. Karalis) is taken to the hospital.

At the same time, outside the refugee accommodation, two men attack Nefzat (V. Stratigakos) and warn him to “shut up” his mouth, while in the Demiris mansion Stratis, enraged, fights with Eleana (E. Dimitropoulou) over the bringing her to Razan’s tavern.

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However, at Nikita’s house, Stathoula (M. Khinari) and Anthi (A. Ioannidou) find out what happened to Nikita and leave in fear for the hospital. While all this is happening, Nefzat finds Thanasis (A. Kontopoulos) and accuses him of the attack he received, while Stratis decides to visit Pericles (N. Georgakis).

At the hospital, Nikita’s last tests show that his memory will not return immediately, while at the police station, Thanasis’ suspicions that Efstratiou (Ch. Asimakopoulos) has something to do with the attack on Nefzat are growing.

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Determined to solve the problem, Thanasis enters Efstrati’s office and searches for evidence.

Watch the excerpt:


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