‘I will not allow them to create insecurities beyond the ones I already have’, says Jade Picon


Actress Jade Picon, 21, made an outburst on social networks after criticism from an internet user. “It’s crazy how one comment from someone can turn something you like into a possible insecurity of yours,” she said.

She shared a comment made about her nails in her Instagram direct and reported that criticism like this is common. “They comment that the format is crooked, that the stretching is wrong, that it is horrible, that it is crooked”, she said.

Jade explained that her nails are natural, with no lengthening procedure, and therefore have a natural curve that grows more irregularly. “I read these comments a lot and what a bummer. Damn, the nail! Guys, the nail, like, wow, damn, are you going to be caring and commenting on the person’s nail?”, She vented.

The actress said that she even considered stretching so that they were “perfect”. “Don’t let something that isn’t an insecurity of yours turn into one because of some comment,” she said.

According to Jade, the nail was a small example. “I like my eyebrow so thick, I like my nail so natural and crooked, I like my voice so calm. I love myself and I will not allow people to create insecurities in me because it makes you sick.”

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