Drake Gives Over $100M to Groundbreaking Luna Luna Art Carnival – Watch Video


Thirty-six years after its appearance in the summer of 1987, the art carnival “comes alive” again

Second Life will begin to live again in the fall of 2023, in Los Angeles, the pioneering art carnival Luna Luna36 years after its appearance in the summer of 1987 in Hamburg; thanks to rapper Drake which is giving more than $100 million and the art and entertainment company DreamCrew in partnership with the creative director, Michael Goldberg.

“Art should come in unconventional guises and reach those who, in the first place, do not look for it in more predictable settings” believed the initiator of Luna Luna, the multimedia artist André Heller. He invited some of the most famous artists of the time: Basquiat painted a Ferris wheel, Keith Haring put his iconic figures on a carousel, David Hockney depicted an abstract enchanted forest on a temporary pavilion, and Sonia Delauney designed the arch that he welcomed visitors.

About 250,000 visited it that summer. Unfortunate circumstances prevented his then planned tour and the constructions were packed up and stored somewhere in Texas, where they have remained. Now, after Los Angeles, New York and other American cities follow, before embarking on a world tour.


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