IDOLS with Sakis Rouvas: 6th episode- Malvina Karalis (pic + vid)


Sakis Rouvas is looking for the idols of another era in the documentary series Idols, on SKAI.

On Friday, December 17, the last episode of Idols is dedicated to Malvina Karali, one of the most emblematic female figures in the country, with all its sides and contrasts.

Brave, eccentric or for some reactionary it became the symbol of diversity in an era of leveling homogeneity. Always unconventional, with intelligent twists, torrent of speech and caustic humor, it remained in the pantheon of symbols of the 1990s.

Sakis Rouvas goes back to Malvina’s childhood. In Chalkida, where he finishes high school and begins to greedily suck life. Malvina becomes a mother and wife as a teenager, without giving a shred of her dreams and “wants”. The day the tank was leveling the gate of the Polytechnic, Malvina was climbing on the roof of her house raising a black flag and shouting loudly: “Bread – Education – Freedom”.

He worked for many years as a journalist in newspapers and as a columnist in magazines. Some of her columns left an era. At the same time, as a screenwriter, he is honored with two state screenwriting awards for the films “Xenia” by Patrice Vivankos and “Crystal Nights” by Tonia Marketaki.

He had three marriages: with the bookseller Vangelis Karalis, with the set designer George Patsas and with the writer Dionysis Charitopoulos and had three children.

Malvina Karali was “what you want to have by your side, in all respects”, “a revolutionary of the ’90s”, says the radio producer and former football player George Myrtsos.

“He deified love and demystified it when it was about to end,” Dimitra Liani Papandreou told IDOLS.

“She could not live without love,” says Vicky Sidiropoulou’s cousin.

“Malvina was a Star,” says George Chronas, author, publisher, radio producer and friend of Malvina.

“It simply came to our notice then. “I felt that we could embroider on humor together,” says her friend, Lakis Lazopoulos.

“He was an exuberant figure. He had talent, he had bravery, he had courage and humanity. She gave everything to her work but also to the people she loved “, says Marianna Vardinoyannis, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, President of the Marianna Vardinoyannis Foundation and the association of friends of children with cancer ELPIDA.

The path of a real idol that became a symbol, that “tickled” the stereotypes and left its mark on an entire era. The journey of Malvina Karali in the last episode of Idols with Sakis Rouvas, on Friday, December 17 at 21.00, on SKAI.

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