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Naldo Benny: Understand the reasons that may have caused necrosis in the singer’s nose


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After the singer Naldo Benny, 43, appeared on social networks with his nose in the beginning of necrosis due to a rhinomodelation, many people got scared. But what in fact could have happened for the reaction to the aesthetic procedure to be so adverse? Experts heard by F5 explain and make alerts.

According to Tatiana Moura, a plastic surgeon trained at USP, the procedure Naldo underwent is performed using injectable hyaluronic acid and, respecting the correct technique and being performed by a professional with training and experience, the risk of problems is very low. . But it is never null.

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“So, we cannot say exactly if there was a technical error or an intercurrence that is described in the medical literature. This type of intercurrence can occur mainly for two reasons: intravascular injection of the product or extrinsic compression of the vessel due to the volume of the product”, he explains .

In the view of Bruno Borges de Carvalho Barros, a specialist in otorhinolaryngology from the Brazilian Association of Otorhinolaryngology, the treatment of this complication is done with local infection control, antibiotics, ointments or creams.

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“If identified that it was due to an allergy, the use of corticosteroids is indicated. When there is very compromised skin, it may be necessary to remove dead tissue, in addition to the possibility of using therapies such as the hyperbaric camera and laser”, he reveals. This camera procedure has been used by Naldo as he himself said on social media.

According to professionals, the time taken to resolve a case like that of a funk artist can vary according to the extent and thickness of the lesions, but is usually between one and two months. A residual scar may remain in the nasal region.

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