Eduardo Bolsonaro says he went to Qatar to deliver pen drives about Brazil


Federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP) became a joke this Tuesday (29) on social networks after posting a video saying that it was the World Cup in Qatar to deliver pen drives about the situation in Brazil. He was caught on broadcast cameras taking pictures in the stadium, while supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL-RJ) are in camps calling for “federal intervention”.

An internet user identified as Perobense shared a video of Eduardo explaining himself and showing a bag with several pen drives with videos in English explaining the situation in Brazil. “After the classic: ‘This meeting could have been an email’. Here comes the: ‘This trip to the host country of the biggest sporting event in the world could have been a Google Drive link’.”

Twitter user Rick Buzz shared a meme of the villain Nazaré Tedesco trying to understand the deputy’s theory and asked if he doesn’t know google drive, email or file transmission service. “He went to Qatar to watch the national team’s games, and in the middle of the matches (style 007) he went to deliver pendrives with videos of Brazil to foreigners?”, He questioned.

Internet user Pedro Octavio made fun of Eduardo Bolsonaro by saying that Arabs should not have ICloud or Google Drive. “Little Banana found an old pendrive to say that he was taking a video for an Arab to watch at the World Cup,” he said. “That’s why he was watching the Cup game while you’re out in the rain, Patriot!”

Carlos Alberto Junior shared on Twitter an image of the deputy posing for a photo with a woman at the stadium in Qatar and joked that this was the moment he handed over the flash drive. “The moment when the ‘air-conditioning radical’ bananinha delivers a pendrive with videos in English ‘denouncing the situation in Brazil’ to the international community,” he wrote. “Carluxo had hacked the google drive account and the deputy was forced to go in person.”

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