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“Wild Land”: A person from the past threatens the present – Watch video


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Vlassis (I. Papamatthaiou) pretends to be Nikolas Galanis and his unexpected arrival at Olga’s (Z. Doukas) house signals upheavals and developments not only for her life, but for the lives of everyone in Agria Playia. Stamou (D. Mavropoulos) dies at the hands of Elpida (P. Vitetzaki) and his death becomes the occasion for an intense conflict between her and Olga. Elpida blames her and Olga is worried that she will lose her daughter.

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Aris (S. Michael) stands by Elpida and hides his anger that Olga spared her again. Antonis (X. Stylianou), wanting to know the truth, implements a plan without the knowledge of Alexis (G. Koskorellos). At the same time, Myrto (M. Zorba) implements a plan to escape from Christos (I. Svitailos), while Olga, for her part, does everything she can to stop the search for Myrto. Nadia (A. Andreovits) is worried about George (O. Tziovas) finding out about her past, while Antonis assigns George an investigation, the results of which shock him.

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In the role of Vlassis, Jason Papamattheiou

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