Photo documentary: The director Giannis Dalianidis when he was a young dancer in the 50s


In the photo, in the early 1950s, she can be seen dancing with Elsa Rizzo

With a post on Instagram, the journalist Aris Loupasis takes us back in time, to the early 50s, when the director Yannis Dalianidis (December 31, 1923 – October 16, 2010) was a young dancer. In the documentary photo he can be seen dancing with the then-young Elsa Lambropoulou (later Rizou, as she married the popular actor Niko Rizoo).

The entire post by Aris Lupasis

“Yiannis Dalianidis with Elsa Rizou in the early 1950s when they appeared as dancers on the stages of the Peroke and Acropolis theaters before starting their careers in directing and acting respectively. Another great postcard photo that captures the style and the image of an era that marked the 20th century in all forms of art and culture.Elsa Lambropoulou (later Rizou) was a beautiful and talented creature who, after studying at a young age at the Dance School of Elli Zouroudis, her first artistic steps as a dancer on the Athenian stages, standing out with her airy presence.In 1952, she appeared for the first time on the stage of the Acropolis in the revue “30 to dollario” alongside giants such as Avlonitis, Rizos, Hatzichristos and a year later she made the film/ her film debut in “Soferaki” by Finos Film and Giorgos Tzavellas. From 1955 and for the following decades, she marked a remarkable artistic path alongside her husband Nikos Rizos, experiencing together enormous successes in a shared life path full of beautiful family moments. Yiannis Dalianidis started dancing since his childhood when at the age of ten he participated in school performances. In 1942, after studying dance in Vienna, he entered the Drama School of the Thessaloniki Conservatory, making his first appearances as a dancer, choreographer and actor on the main stages of Athens. In 1958 he creates his first film as a screenwriter with “Mad Girl” and Jenny Karezi in the leading role and from 1961 and for the following years with an exclusive contract with Fino he signs the script and direction in a series of separate dramatic and comedy films which remain classics to this day. The “Father” of the Greek musical who managed to create real stars and to give cine/fo through his boldness and vanguard an air of freshness and rejuvenation with the dominant elements being shine and radiation”.

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