Survivor All Star: Who’s packing for Santo Domingo – What ‘Our Breakfast’ revealed – What about Rose?


Triantafyllos has so far held 7 appointments with Acun Medya

They will undergo medical examinations today “Survivors” candidatesaccording to a report presented on “Our Breakfast”with the Faye Skordas.

These exams, the “Survivors” candidates will have to submit to Acun Medya. Giorgos Koromi, Ilias Bogdanos, Periklis Kondylatos and Costas Papadopoulos appeared at the Health Center of the Northern Suburbs to take the necessary tests, while others will follow. Today, as the show mentioned, is the day of the… exams for all the “Survivors” candidates. The players will have to undergo a heart check, general blood work and, as expected, a stress test, which is quite difficult, as revealed by the show.

As for whether, finally, Triantafyllos will be one of the players who will enter the game, as he said: “I came to Acun Medya, to drink a coffee. You will see that I will not go to Survivor after all. I have a family-personal matter. I wish Danos would go. I would love to see him in the game.”

However, while the beloved singer initially appeared happy, after the end of the date he looked gloomy. Also, according to a report from the show, Triantafyllos has so far made 7 appointments with Acun Medya. We are watching…

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