Metsovo: A walk in the most famous village of Epirus – Watch video


It is an example of a mountain village, which preserves its traditional character unchanged, while harmoniously combining nature, nobility, rest, good food, art and culture

It is located between the mountains of Pindos and its name means bear place. The reason for the most impressive capital village of Ioannina, which is one of the most special travel destinations of our country, while it is amphitheatrically built on the ruins of the ancient city of Tymfi.

The traditional village of Metsovo, at an altitude of 1200 meters, is one of the most mountainous municipalities in the country, but this does not mean that its tourism is drawn exclusively during the winter months.

It is the birthplace of great national benefactors such as Tositsas, Sournaras and Averof and nowadays it has turned into a tourist resort, which has nothing to envy to the famous chalets abroad.

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