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Petition to ban Kanye West from streaming already has 65 thousand signatures


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A petition to try to ban Kanye West from all streaming platforms already has more than 65,000 signatures. The action was motivated by his lines praising Nazism.

At the beginning of the month, he joined the list of controversies in which he has been involved in recent months when he praised Adolf Hitler in an interview. For the rapper, it is possible to see good things in the Nazi leader, he told Alex Jones, owner of the channel Infowars, in which he spreads conspiracy theories and far-right ideas.

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In the petition created by Nathan Goergen and posted on the website, it says that Kanye West has made harmful anti-Semitic statements and that “our society has no place for people who spread this kind of hate to continue to earn millions”. The author also called on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and others to remove the musician’s content.

The singer even minimized the possible losses of sponsorships and money because of the cancellation due to the controversies.

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Since the beginning of October, Kanye West has been causing unease among friends and work partners for his statements. First for wearing hoodies with the phrase White Lives Matter (White Lives Matter) during a fashion show, followed by criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Everyone knows Black Lives Matter was a hoax, now it’s over, you’re welcome,” he posted on his Instagram stories at the time. Days later, he was prevented from posting on Instagram and Twitter after posts with anti-Semitic sayings. He even apologized, but said he didn’t regret it.

At another time, he returned to make controversial statements to TMZ. While playing down the effects of his recent remarks, he said the backlash only proved what he had already been saying about Jewish control behind the scenes in entertainment. “So many actors have been bullied,” he said.

Amid several controversies, Kanye West has also recently caused uneasiness in relation to his love life. A day after the Brazilian Juliana Nalú confirmed that the rapper was dating, he declared that he was single, in addition to having made new statements for his ex, Kim Kardashian.

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