Farofa da Gkay: After kissing 48, Viih Tube returns to the pregnant party and meets her ex


At Farofa da Gkay 2021, Viih Tube, then single, revealed that she had kissed at least 48 different people during the party days. At the time, she was having an affair with influencer Lipe Ribeiro, but with no rules or ban on new experiences.

A year later, the former BBB returns to Farofa 2022 very different. Now she’s pregnant with a girl, is seriously dating Eliezer and has passed the crown of biggest catcher to Bianca Andrade.

Interestingly, this year she meets again in the same place Lipe Ribeiro, who a year later is also dating another woman, Dessa Castorino, and who is also pregnant with him.

Until the middle of the year, at least, Viih and Lipe were at odds. The youtuber responded to her ex-affair’s statement that the breakup between the two would have been motivated by jealousy and “craziness” on the part of the ex-BBB. After commenting on some news profiles on Instagram, she went to Twitter to leave a message.

“I’ll comment the same thing on as many pages of news as it takes, ungrateful asshole. I’ve always spoken with affection and respect even with everything that only I know what I’ve been through, you’re crazy, disgusting, the worst guy I’ve ever met shot,” he countered.

Afterwards, the youtuber thanked God for the end of the relationship. “Thank you, God. I know it was you who saved me,” she posted on her profile.

The very influencer Andressa Castorino, who was starting a relationship with Lipe at the time, suffered from hatred on the internet from Viih fans. Now they are all in the same environment again.

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