Keanu Reeves’ team tried to prohibit them from looking into the actor’s eyes backstage at CCXP


It looks like Keanu Reeves didn’t even know. But the professional who had the role of babysitting him during his participation in CCXP imposed some restrictions considered exaggerated (to say the least) to the artists, technical teams and representatives of large studios who crowded backstage at the event, this Saturday (3) .

Star of the “John Wick” franchise, Reeves was at the world’s largest pop culture convention to promote the fourth film in the sequel. To get to the stage, he would have to go through the backstage, a lively anteroom, as well as backstage at concerts and fashion shows.

There are other people in the business there, people used to dealing with artists. But the person responsible for Reeves, fearing harassment and that many people would take out their cell phones for selfies, became radical: she sent word that, in that environment, “eye contact” was prohibited. No one could look the actor in the eye. That they turned their backs or lowered their heads when they saw him pass.

And more: a corridor should be opened in the middle of the staff so that they could walk the (short) way between the dressing room and the interviews without bumping into anyone. In the environment were artists like Jenna Ortega, Wandinha from Tim Burton’s series, as well as Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña, from “Besouro Azul”, and executives from Netflix, Warner and Paris Filmes itself, which brought Reeves.

Everyone simply ignored the rules, which did not pass the actor’s scrutiny. Judging by his farewell, he saw no problem with the structure or organization of his visit to CCXP: Touched by the public’s reverence, Reeves thanked the Brazilian audience on his knees on stage.

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