A Fazenda 14: Naldo Benny criticizes Strawberry Shortcake allies: ‘You have to know how to lose’


While Ellen Moranguinho was devastated by the departure of Deolane Bezerra and Pétala Barreiros from “A Fazer 14”, the ex-dancer’s husband, Naldo Benny, celebrated the end of the rural reality show for the duo. The singer, who always made a point of criticizing the A group and lamenting the wrong “choice” of the player in the game, made comments on social networks about the lawyer’s expulsion and the influencer’s request to leave the attraction.

“I always close with what’s right. I don’t pass cloth and Brazil is not stupid. Don’t come with fake stories and excuses. It’s a game and, at the very least, sportsmanship has to prevail, you have to know how to win and you also have to know losing”, he began, which soon amended: “Enough of bad characterism and enough of low level”.

Naldo reaffirmed that he did not approve of the attitudes of some program participants. “Brazil has seen three months of bad manners. And now it lacked a correct positioning with the game and with wisdom”, explained the funk singer, who still denied the intention of taking Moranguinho out of the game.

“I’m not going to take Ellen out of the house. She’s an adult and knows very well the responsibilities that one has with a serious company, with a serious broadcaster. Congratulations to Record because they didn’t manipulate anything. Most votes went to a determined person and that’s final”, concluded Naldo Benny.

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