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Opinion – Marcelo Katsuki: Book Ramen/Lámen by Jo Takahashi unveils the iconic Asian dish


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Ramen, a dish of Chinese origin that is now part of Japanese culinary culture, carries so much affection and flavor that it is no wonder that it has been conquering the palate of diners around the world, including Brazil. Today, you can find ramen houses spread across the country, with versions that even reveal a certain regionality, the result of the talent and daring of the new chefs. But what secret is hidden inside a simple bowl of stewed pasta?

There is not one answer, but many, and they are in the 200 pages of the book Ramen/Lámen that the producer and writer Jo Takahashi is launching by Editora JBC. The book is the result of four years of research by the author and goes in depth on the subject. It brings from the origin of macaroni and its etymology –which gives name to the book: “Ramen/Lámen”–, presents a chronology of its history, shows its variations and its components. It’s the end of that confusion when ordering chashu🇧🇷 ajitama🇧🇷 menma: now you will know everything and pose master to order your ramen.

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Jo is the author of other gastronomy books, such as “A Cor do Sabor: Shin Koike’s affective cuisine” and “Izakaya: inside Japanese botecos”, both by Editora Melhoramentos.

The presence of ramen in Brazil is also told with a brief X-ray of the dish in the country, with the pioneering spirit of the Aska restaurant, located in the Liberdade neighborhood, until the phenomenon of Jojo Ramen. And businessmen from the sector, chefs, cooks and some houses that stand out in the scene of this beloved dish are presented.

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With beautiful and appetizing photos by Rafael Salvador, it is almost impossible not to run to the restaurant after reading this book. And for those who aren’t lucky enough to have a ramen shop in their city, Jo has prepared a chapter with three recipes to be prepared at home: one with chicken broth by chef Thiago Bañares, another homemade style by Jojo Ramen and a Shoyu Quick Ramen, by chef Daneil Kataguire, which can be prepared in just one hour, from the dough to the broth. There’s no excuse not to dive into this bowl!

Book: Ramen/Lámen
Author: Jo Takahashi
Photos: Rafael Salvador
JBC Publisher / 200 pages
Price: BRL 124.90

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