Eurovision 2023: You will choose Greece’s song in the contest – Read how


The 67th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Liverpool on 9, 11 and 13 May 2023

The process of choosing Greek participation in Eurovisionaccording to the new EBU regulations, has changed and the audience now has power, but also active participation.

Specifically, seventy friends of Eurovision will be the members of the “Audience Committee” and together with the ERT Committee will have the opportunity to actively participate in the final phase of the selection of the song that will represent Greece next May in Liverpool.

Those interested in becoming a member of the “Audience Committee” and voting for their favorite song can submit a request to participate on the site and in the special field that has been configured.

The dedicated digital platform will open tomorrow, Thursday, December 8, 2022at 10 am and will remain open for 48 hours, until Saturday, December 10, 2022, also at 10 am.

The seventy members of the Commission will be selected after a lottery and a procedure that ensures the impartiality and age representativeness of the Eurovision audience. Specifically, 25 members in the 18-24 age category, 20 members in the 25-34 age category, 15 members in the 35-44 age category and 10 members in the 45+ age category will be drawn. Voting will be held at the premises of the ERT Radio House.

The song of Greece will result from a combination of the two results, both the Audience Committee and the 7-member ERT Committee, with a weighting factor of 50.6% in the vote of the Audience Committee, against 49.4% of the vote of the ERT Committee. That is, exactly how the winning song will emerge in the Eurovision 2023 Final, following the recent change in the voting rules. It is the first time that ERT follows this procedure for highlighting Greek participation.

The 67th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Liverpool on 9, 11 and 13 May 2023.

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