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The zodiac today, Thursday, December 8, 2022


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A charming being enters your life through your environment and if he manages to approach you, the evolution will be romantic. However, focus your attention on what is happening around you! Even from superficial conversations you can get great information or new ideas. In your relationships and partnerships, the usual atmosphere may change for a while.

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Disappointment and loneliness you may feel and you will be inclined to hide in your shell. But it would be better to find outside, even if by force, and relax with friendly company. However, be careful who you trust, especially in your workplace. There is enough background around you trying to undermine you and there is no need to arm them…

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You derive joy and good spirits from reflecting on the past, but know that the opportunities for a new life lie ahead. The day offers several opportunities, both on a personal and professional level. Love can enter your life today, but it will depend on your behavior whether it will stay or whether it will open the door to escape that very day.


Do not pay attention to the demands of others and avoid irritations and tensions. You look at your work, because the stars open new horizons for you. Avoid expressing your opinion emphatically or acting hastily! Chances are you’ll get outright throws and you’ll regret it later.


A disappointment on an emotional level can bring the day… A person you thought you had mutual feelings for will be revealed today and his duplicity will hurt you. Difficulty with your finances, money you expected will not come in the end. Hang in there and don’t give up. Your indecisiveness may cause you to close a door you’ve worked hard to open, and regret it in the future.


With increased charm you can win over your romantic partner or make a pleasant social appearance. However, communicatively it is a difficult day. Some unpleasant news makes the atmosphere even heavier… But defeats are not needed! A change excites you and causes various emotions. However, there is ambiguity, vagueness and unfulfilled promises that you should watch out for!


The decisions you make today should be long-term and not just reflect your current needs or aspirations. If you are in a relationship you should show patience and trust in your partner, especially if your relationship is in its early stages.


A small and unexpected financial injection will make your day. It’s not going to solve your financial problems, but it’s good to have money coming out of nowhere… Your financial worries are often based on your insecurity about tomorrow. Stay focused on your goals and you have nothing to fear.


You will feel some irritation, complaints about your course, colleagues or partner will surface. Keep it low! Otherwise, arguments and heated discussions will spoil your mood and throw off your day. Your love life is experiencing tensions and there will be reactions from your partner today. Be patient and don’t be disappointed. Things will improve soon.


Some references to the past or memories from your past can cheer you up today and distract you from the difficult current reality. Deal with your home, family or personal life in the afternoon, because some things will need to be arranged immediately. Social life can wait…


You have become obsessed with your work and it leaves you no free time for other activities. Today you may need to take a break and enjoy a quiet evening with loved ones. Engage in whatever can relax and refresh you. Your family or loved ones should take priority as you have been neglecting them lately…


The day is full of tension and you are hypersensitive. Even if you are right, avoid giving dimensions and behave diplomatically. Watch out for your wallet! The stars create the illusory sense of the need for prominence through wasting money. Some words coming from people in your family may make you bitter today.

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