Jade Picon is criticized for watching Harry Styles show in the box


A video shared by Jade Picon watching Harry Styles’ concert, in an exclusive box, in Rio de Janeiro, led to criticism and memes on social networks, this Monday (12). The reason would be because a good part of the public faced hours of queues and suffocation in the middle of the track trying to see the singer’s show.

“We went on without a day of peace. Our record is: zero. Damn, guys… it’s good that I take everything in a good way and I’m used to it, if it wasn’t to go crazy! Even going to a show is giving people complaining”, tweeted the influencer rebutting criticism.

The netizen, who identifies himself as Louie, responded to the actress’ tweet saying that the criticism was not for her going to the show, but for getting a box that came out of nowhere. “People who bought the ticket in 2019 in the good place were thrown to the common track, and out of nowhere you’re there. I don’t even know if you’re a fan of his.

“Jade Picon posting video of Harry’s concert [Styles] singing ‘Watermelon Sugar’, I bet you can only sing that one! These celebrities… I really mean it”, tweeted internet user Pedro Augusto. “He won an invitation and only knew how to sing this one”, commented internet user Mariana Chio in the publication made by Jade on Instagram. “You only know this one and about ‘She’ and ‘Matilda’, what do you think babe?” Asked internet user Sofia Vieira.

In contrast, other netizens defended Jade and said that it is not her fault that she is rich. “It’s really humiliating and clueless to compare yourself with Jade Picon in terms of finances, obvious love that she won’t stay 12 hours standing in the crowd because she’s a millionaire and goes to a cabin. Accept her financial situation”, wrote the internet user who identifies herself as Cami.

“It’s every hypocrisy that we see on this social network. What do you want Jade Picon to do? Pay for everyone to stay in the cabin because you think it’s unfair that she has money to stay there? Go wash some dishes my people”, wrote the netizen Lari.

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