“Arethousa – The Archaeological Museum of Chalkida”: The treasures of our homeland are revealed


“The new Archaeological Museum of Chalkida “Arethousa” is now endowed and shown more widely with the edition worthy of its importance, which is presented today”, said the Minister of Culture

The dedicated volume “Arethousa – The Archaeological Museum of Chalkida” the archaeologist and head of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Evia, dr. Angelikis G. Simosipresented by Lamda Development at The Experience Centre.

This is the twenty-first volume of the publishing series “The Circle of Museums”, which showcases the treasures of the archaeological museums of our homeland and our rich cultural heritage.

The publication with the title “Arethousa” hosts on its pages findings from the Paleolithic Age to the most recent times, with origins in Evia and Skyros, which are included in the Museum’s permanent exhibition and shed light on the prehistory and history of wider area.

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Lina Mendonispeaking about the dedicated volume “Arethousa” and the homonymous Archaeological Museum of Chalkida, stated: “Having from the first moment won a key and pivotal position in the cultural and social life of the city, and already acting as an important driver of the local and regional development, the new Archaeological Museum of Chalkida “Arethousa” is now endowed and displayed more widely with the edition worthy of its importance, which is presented today”.

Mrs. Simosi, among others, emphasized that “the Archaeological Museum of Chalkida “Arethousa” is a symbol for the city but also for the history of the entire island, including Skyros, from the distant Neolithic past to the present day. From the first Greek race, the Avantes, ancestors of the Euboeans, the inhabitants of the island together with those of the adjacent Skyros have demonstrated a diverse spirit and a high ideal. Pioneers in the second colonization, the Euboeans and the inhabitants of Skyros spread the first Greek alphabet, the Chalcidian, to Lower Italy and Sicily, becoming the precursor to Etruscan and then Latin. The Euboeans emerge as diligent traders, crossing the distant seas of those times over the centuries. This story of hyperactive people unfolds in the landmark building for the area, with the timeless name “Arethusa”, a loan from the mythological lake nymph of the same name, which was originally attributed to a distillery of the last century and preserved to this day in our wonderful Museum”.

The vice president of Lamda Development, Vangelis Chronis, underlined that “with this publication, Lamda Development, for the third consecutive year, honors the legacy of the Ioannis S. Latsis Foundation, which launched the publishing initiative “The Circle of Museums” and invites readers on a cognitive journey through history and prehistory of Greece. This edition is characterized by the quality, respect for our cultural heritage and scientific excellence that are the distinctive elements of the series. It is published in Greek and English in separate volumes. It is a unique handbook of knowledge for researchers as well as for the general reading public.”

The dedicated volume will be distributed free of charge to archaeological departments of universities in Greece and abroad, to competent departments of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, to foreign archaeological schools and institutes, as well as to selected domestic and international libraries and organizations. The edition is available in digital format, in Greek and English, on the website of Lamda Development.

The volume is published by Olkos Publications, under the care of Mrs. Irene Louvrou. The photography was done by Mr. Sokratis Mavrommatis, the translation into English was done by Mrs. Alexandra Dumas and the pagination by Mrs. Eliza Kokkini. The images were edited by Mr. Nikos Lagos, the typographical correction by Mr. Pantelis Boukalas, the printing by the Fotolio company, and the binding by Mr. Giorgos Iliopoulos.

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