Justin Bieber Says H&M Uses His Image On Products Without Permission: ‘Trash’


Singer Justin Bieber, 28, has accused retailer H&M of releasing products with his name and likeness without his consent. This Monday (19), he made a post on Instagram stories criticizing the brand and suggesting that people shouldn’t buy the products.

“I have not endorsed any collection of products that they have placed at H&M…all without my permission and approval. If I were you, I wouldn’t buy it,” he said. “The H&M merchandise they made me is rubbish and I don’t approve, don’t buy it.”

This is not the first time that the retailer has launched collections with images of the singer. According to the E! News, H&M sold merchandise inspired by the “Purpose” tour (2016) and the “Changes” album (2020).

After the singer complained about the brand, some of his 270 million followers took to H&M’s Instagram to demand that it stop selling products that use the singer’s image without authorization. “Who else is here after Justin’s story?” Asked Internet user Cristal Caravaggio in the company’s last post on the social network.

“Using Justin’s face and brand without his permission? I hope you get sued by him and his team,” commented Alison Kraus. “Stop the Bieber collection, this is unacceptable,” wrote Ana Patricia. “They chose the wrong fandom to do this. Beliebers don’t joke about work”, said an internet user who identifies herself as Dani.

Sought by E! News, the H&M representative did not respond.

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