The Voice of Greece: Big winner is Anna Argyrou from Sakis Rouvas’s team (vid + pics)


In a final that was dominated by the magic of music and the shocking performances, the TV audience named Anna Argyrou as the best voice in Greece from the team of Sakis Rouvas! The 16-year-old high school student from Athens, who was obviously excited after the announcement of her victory, won with her performance in the blinds and the four coaches, made Panos Mouzourakis block Konstantinos Argyros from claiming, but in the end she chose the team of Sakis Rouvas! On the night of the final, despite the tough competition, she surprised us once again with her vocal abilities, winning the vote of the TV audience and the sure thing is that now everything starts for her as she now has in her hands a golden contract with the biggest record label. Greek company, Minos EMI, a Universal Music Company.

The final of The Voice of Greece was for one more night a TV show and the TV audience rewarded it by keeping the program at the top of the viewership with a percentage of 24.1% in the general audience and 17.6% in the dynamic audience while 3,130,282 people were tuned in even for 1΄.
But throughout the season the audience showed how much they love The Voice of Greece since as shown by the viewership measurements it was first in the public preference both in the overall total with 22.8% and in the potential with a percentage of 18.4%.

George Lianos welcomed on the night of their final 8 finalists with their coaches. Konstantinos Argyros, Panos Mouzourakis, Elena Paparizou and Sakis Rouvas shared the same enthusiasm having in their team voices that really deserved the victory.

Last year’s winner, Joanne, also returned to the stage of The Voice of Greece, performing the hit “Twist in my sobriety” live, enticing the TV audience and the coaches with her tone and melodicity.

The TV audience voted with their vote from their 8 finalists: Andrea Milioti, Anna Argyrou, Eliana Alexandrou and Eleni Olimpiou, giving them the opportunity to go on stage again for a second performance. Anna Argyrou and Andreas Miliotis, both from Sakis Rouvas’s team, gave us the interpretation of their lives, claiming the title for the last time and the anxiety peaked!

The stage “plowed” with incredible energy, upsetting everyone, the four coaches! Panos Mouzourakis and Elena Paparizou rocked as only they know, in an explosive performance! The lines closed and shortly before the big winner emerged on the stage, Konstantinos Argyros and Sakis Rouvas went up in a coexistence – a surprise that we will remember for a long time and went viral on social media from the first moment with users asking to enjoy them again together in evening appearances!

Valia Hatzitheodorou throughout the show conveyed the comments of the viewers from the social media room while she was the one who handed over the heaviest file of the night with the name of the big winner!

The sixth season of The Voice of Greece ended in the best way, with the absolute winner in entertainment and true talent, while the applications for the next cycle of the No1 talent show have already started!


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