Jade Picon rebuts criticism for choosing a gift for TV Globo’s secret friend


The actress and influencer Jade Picon, 21, countered the criticism for her choice of gift in the secret friend of the famous held by Fantástico (Globo), on the night of this Sunday (25). She gave a plush dinosaur to members of the band Jovem Dionísio, authors of the song “Acorda, Pedrinho”.

The plush had a recording of the actress’s voice saying “Wake up, Dionísio! A kiss from Jade”. In addition to the dinosaur, she also wrote a letter and presented the artists with an alarm clock and a personalized white t-shirt for each one.

The gift was criticized on the internet. Some netizens claimed that the choice was bad or too simple, to which Jade responded in a tweet published this Monday (26).

“I live in peace because I know that regardless of what I do, people will talk, and from the moment you realize that the effect will always be like this, you free yourself from the pressure of judgments. If I gave an ‘expensive’ gift or anyone else, would find a way to speak. In other words: live!”, Wrote the actress.

The influencer posted videos of the moment of purchase of the gift on Instagram. In them, she shows the trip to the plush store where she assembled the dinosaur with the same outfit used by the band.

Singer João Gomes was the one who took Jade from the Amigo Secreto and gave her a leather hat used by cowboys in the Northeast. João Gomes sings the theme song for the character Chiara, played by Jade in the telenovela Travessia.

Other celebrities also joined in the fun. Sabrina Sato started the secret friend and presented Regina Casé with a work by artist Vik Muniz. Soccer player Vini Jr. won a present from the singer Ludmilla and gave a skateboard to her friend, player Gustavo Scarpa, from Palmeiras.

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