Gloria Perez honors Daniella on the anniversary of her daughter’s death: ’30 years of nostalgia’


Playwright Gloria Perez made a post on Instagram in honor of her daughter Daniella Perez, whose murder turns 30 this Wednesday (28). “12/28/1992. 30 years of nostalgia,” she wrote.

In the publication, she shared the video of the presentation of the Jazz Carlota Portella dance school, of which her daughter was a part. In the 2022 show, the school reproduced the 1992 performance that featured Daniella. In the background of the video, a screen shows Gloria Perez’s daughter dancing. “A beautiful and moving celebration of her life,” the author wrote in the caption.

Actress Cristiana Oliveira also made a post on Instagram in honor of Daniella. She published a sequence of images of the two together and a video. “Brazil never forgot you, Dani. Much love for you. 30 years without your physical presence, but always in our memory and in our hearts. Wherever you are, miss us”, she wrote.

Tatiana Issa, director of the documentary series “Brutal Pact” about Daniella’s case, published a photo of the series’ banner on Instagram. “Today is a very hard day, the 28/12. The day that two psychopathic killers took the life of our beloved Dani, destroying an entire family. Every day doing this series was a punch in the stomach, so much injustice and pain. What ever day real justice be done,” he wrote.

Actress and dancer, Daniella Perez was murdered at the age of 22 and left in a forest by Guilherme de Pádua, a former co-star, in a crime that shocked the country.

The police reached Guilherme de Pádua because of a witness who had seen his car at the crime scene. Justice concluded that the actor and his then wife, Paula Thomaz, set up an ambush against the victim.

Both were convicted of aggravated homicide to a sentence of just under 20 years in prison. They were paroled in 1999 after serving a third of their sentence. Guilherme de Padua had a heart attack and died on November 6, 2022.

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