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Inventor of the term ‘paredão’, former BBB participates in coup acts in Brasilia


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Participant of Big Brother Brasil 1, the artist Adriano Castro was in the coup acts in Brasilia this Sunday (8). He is one of the protesters who invaded the Planalto Palace, the Congress and the STF (Federal Supreme Court). Supporter of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), Castro did a live for more than four hours on his YouTube channel, in which he recorded the invasion of the National Congress.

Known as Didi Red Pill, the former BBB publishes videos and lives on his channel encouraging anti-democratic acts against President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), who won the presidential election in October last year. He participated in the Bolsonarist camps in Bahia and spent more than 20 days in the streets in protest. “Another day in the battle for a free and sovereign country,” he wrote on Twitter during the camp.

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In 2002, Castro was responsible for naming the elimination of Big Brother Brasil “paredão”, a reference to the place where dictatorships used to send their enemies to be shot. He was the first reality villain. He entered the show’s premiere edition to win. For this, he made intrigues and strategies that did not work out. He was eliminated with 74% of the vote.

This Sunday (8), Castro did a live recording the walk that left a headquarters in Brasília towards Congress. “We are going to fulfill our patriotic dream of leaving the barracks and going straight to the National Congress. I never thought I would be participating in history again the way I am participating now”, he said during the journey.

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“Wasn’t that what everyone wanted? For us to go to Congress? Your wish will come true”, said the former BBB. “Isn’t it the house of the people? It will receive the people, lamb, peaceful, honest, hard-working, Christian and right-wing. I know that there in that house you’re not used to it, but they’re going to have to start getting used to it.”

Castro’s YouTube channel has 227,000 subscribers. The live, according to him, had more than 30,000 simultaneous views. At the end of the video, he also records the invasion of the Planalto Palace. “The people will not leave”, he said while filming the coup demonstrators.

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