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Will we see Lady Gaga in the second round of the Wednesday series?


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Starring Jenna Ortega hinted that it might happen.

In recent years, the Lady Gaga she has become equally known for her talent in acting with participations in projects that we already love a lot.

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And now, the protagonist of the series Wednesday, the Jenna Ortega found at the Golden Globes hinted that the Shallow singer may appear in the next cycle of the series.

After Lady Gaga went viral on TikTok last month for Wednesday’s i-con-ique dance wouldn’t you think that the singer’s participation is the next logical step?

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When Jenna Ortega was asked by a reporter if she could foresee Lady Gaga being a part of Wednesday in the future, Jenna said, “I’m sure Netflix would love that. I think Ms. Thornhill and Wednesday had this weird mentor relationship or they kind of understood each other in a certain way, so if Lady Gaga was going to be a part, I think it would have to be two monsters who understand the each other.”

He also shared a sweet story about when Lady Gaga: “You know what’s funny [με] Lady Gaga?’ he said. “A long time ago, I was working with a hairstylist who worked with her, and I had just seen Lady Gaga in concert in Boston a few years before, so, she had sent me a video saying, ‘Hey Jenna. I heard you’re a fan.” It was a very sweet video. I doubt she had any idea who I was back then, but watching her do the Wednesday dance on TikTok now, it’s one of those moments where you recognize that life changes very quickly. It ‘s crazy.’

There’s no doubt that Gaga is well aware of who Jenna is now – . Stars like Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez and Anna Taylor-Joy literally lined up to get a photo with her. Well done Jenna!

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