Fans rescue videos of Marília Mendonça before fame


Even before reaching fame, Marília Mendonça was already composing songs and singing in home videos. Many of them were recorded while she was still a teenager (see below).

Gusttavo Lima was one of those honored by her in one of the videos in which she sings “Balada Boa”. At the time, he already showed talent as an interpreter.

In another moment, she gave her version of “Vou Levando a Minha”, a song composed by her and that in the future would become a partnership between her and Gustavo Moura and Rafael, with the right to a video.

In another excerpt retrieved by fans, she dedicated to “all cachaceiros” a version of the song “Sou Foda”. In the lyrics, he played with the fact that he drank a lot. “Don’t forget that I drink everything, the best in the world. If there’s a drop, we’ll go and get the people boiling,” says a passage.

Eight years ago, in another video, Marília sang her version of the song “Minha Herança”, which had been recorded by João Neto and Frederico.

Very young, in another video, Marília showed another composition of hers, a modão in the style she liked.

Marília Mendonça, known as the queen of suffering and one of the greatest voices in contemporary Brazilian music, died at the age of 26 this Friday afternoon (5). The information was confirmed by the Fire Department of Minas Gerais in a note sent to the press.

Mendonça was one of the fatal victims of a plane crash that fell into a mountain range in Piedade de Caratinga, a city 309 kilometers from Belo Horizonte. The singer had a concert scheduled for tonight in Caratinga, about ten kilometers from the accident site.

At the time of the accident, at approximately 4 pm, Mendonça’s press office had informed her that she had been rescued alive. Around 6pm, however, he confirmed his death.

Also according to the singer’s press office, the singer’s producer, Henrique Ribeiro, and his uncle, Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho, as well as the pilot and co-pilot of the aircraft, who did not have their names revealed, also died.

According to the Military Police, the aircraft attempted a forced landing and crashed near a waterfall. Rescue teams have been working for hours at the site, but they still haven’t finished the rescue due to the mobility difficulties imposed by the rocks and the current of the water.

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