“Windswept Heights” at the Municipal Theater of Piraeus


Yiannis Calabrianos adapts and directs the story of the stormy, insane and doomed love between Heathcliff and Catherine

The Municipal Theater of Piraeus starts the new year with “Windswept Heights» by Emily Bronte, which premieres on the Central Stage of the theater on January 25, adapted and directed by Yiannis Kalavrianou.

Emily Bronte’s top novel comes to captivate us with its wild poetic power, its troubled and dark atmosphere and to masterfully illuminate the romantic but also violent sides of the absolute-destructive love of its heroes, says a production note.

Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë’s only work, was written when she was only 29 years old, just a year before she died and became a benchmark and inspiration for Art, and a landmark novel in English literature.

Yiannis Kalabrianos adapts and directs the story of the stormy, insane and doomed love between Heathcliff and Catherineone of the most iconic and contradictory couples in the world repertoire.

Their love was never overcome, led to terrible acts of revenge, scarred two families forever, and continues to fascinate with its power, millions of readers for 200 years.
Translation-Adaptation-Direction: Yannis Kalabrianos
Scenography: Yannis Thavoris
Associate set designer: Maria Karathanou
Costumes: Alexandra Bousoulega, Rania Yfantidou
Music: Angelos Triantafillou
Lighting: Evina Vasilakopoulou
Assistant director-Motion Editor: Alexia Bezikis
Photos: Elina Yunanli
Promo video: Thomas Palivos
Photo shoot makeup: Maria Papadopoulou
Photoshoot hairstyling: Rowena Elmazai
Social media: Beautiful Blackbeard

Distribution in alphabetical order:
George Glastras (Heathcliff), Ioanna Kolliopoulou (Kathrin), Maria Konstanta (Francis), Angeliki Lemony (Nelly), George Makris (Erton), Christina Maksouri (Isabella), Lygeri Mitropoulou (Kathy), George Benos (Linton), George Biniaris (Joseph), Angelos Bouras (Hidley), Dimitris Pasha (Edgar)

From 25 January to 02 April
Municipal Theater of Piraeus
Show days & times
Wednesday 19:00
Thursday & Friday 21:00
Saturday 17:30 & 21:00
Sunday 19:00

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