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Anitta gives up on retiring at age 30, but wants to slow down


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It was in an interview in 2019 that singer Anitta said that she would retire in 2023, as soon as she turned 30. “I work because I like it, because it gives me pleasure. If I stopped now, I would miss it.

However, fans of the artist can rest assured. In a new interview, now with GQ Brasil magazine, she says that she gave up hanging up the microphone in March, the month that will celebrate three decades of life.

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“I’m not going to stop now. In recent years, I’ve been trying to slow down a little, escape the madness a little. But leaving the stage is not in my immediate plans”, he clarifies.

At the time she said her idea was to stop, Anitta was dating surfer Pedro Scooby and said she wanted to be a mother. “I want to have several, many. I like a full house. I want to adopt too. But it’s a plan for later. If I happen to get pregnant now, patience,” she said.

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From 2019 to now, a lot has happened in her life that made her change her mind. The Brazilian has been increasingly successful internationally and in February she will compete for a Grammy and emerges as a favorite.

In 2022, he reached number one in the ranking of the most listened to songs in the world by Spotify with “Envolver”.

At the end of last year, Anitta said she had gone through the most difficult moment of her life when she discovered the diagnosis of the Epstein-Barr virus, popularly known as the kissing disease – which may be related to the onset of multiple sclerosis.

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