Tiago Leifert stops following ex-BBBs and web comments: ‘Mexican soap opera’


After actor Ícaro Silva, 34, spoke out and shared on his networks a response to former BBB presenter Tiago Leifert, 41, some famous like Thelma Assis and Babu Santana liked the star’s publication of “Secret Truths 2”.

Names such as Alanis Guillen, Dadá Coelho, Duda Beat, Danrley Ferreira, Manu Gavassi, Chico César, Catarina Abdalla, Lumena Aleluia, Kayky Brito, Lucy Ramos, Rafael Zulu, Giovanna Ewbank, Samantha Schmütz, Fabiula Nascimento and the rapper MV Bill are just a few others who supported the artist’s response.

However, a fact that caught the attention of internet users was that after the artists and ex-BBBs liked and commented on the publication of Ícaro amidst the controversy, Leifert stopped following some on social networks, such as the BBB 20 champion, the doctor Thelma, actor Babu Santana and singer Manu Gavassi.

“And Tiago unfollowing the ex-BBBs and artists who liked the publication of Icaro? Help what a Mexican soap opera this is turning into!”, one wrote. “I don’t know how anyone manages to find Tiago right in this whole situation, for me he’s already burned himself just because he unfollowed someone who doesn’t think like him,” said another.

After Thelma published some Stories on her Instagram profile demonstrating support for the actor, some netizens supported the doctor even more. “Thelminha Assis rocking her stories talking about the unfollow she received from Tiago Leifert,” said one.

In a sequence of videos published this Wednesday (22), Thelma showed her support for the actor and said that “in relation to unfollow, it’s the following: I would love to talk about this to Tiago, without having to go to the social network, but no I have more access to it, that’s why I’m talking here”.

“But I think that in his speeches, he talked so much about representation, how much he learned from Babu… So it’s kind of contradictory to follow ex-BBBs who we know have a sexist face and a racist mine, and we’re the ones who take the unfollow,” she completed.

Other internet users supported the presenter’s decision. “Do they like a comment that practically calls Tiago ugly, dull, talentless and don’t want an unfollow?”, asked one. “I’m enjoying Tiago’s unfollow roulette,” said another.

“I, in Tiago’s place, had stopped following everyone too. The guy made a giant text to defend the ex-BBBs and they go there and enjoy Ícaro’s publication.


The fight started when Ícaro posted on Monday (20th), on Twitter, that he would not participate in the next edition of the BBB because he considered the program a “mediocre entertainment”. “Guys, respect my history, my trajectory, my hatred for mediocre entertainment and my disgust for sharing a bathroom and stop believing in this absurd story that I would consider going to Big Boster Brazil”, he wrote.

In response on Tuesday (21) on Instagram, Leifert said that Ícaro did not make a constructive criticism of the program, but a gratuitous attack on those who never harmed the actor. “By the way, not only did we not harm you, we probably paid your salary on that last trip!”, wrote the former BBB presenter.

“Thinking that what you do is superior is not based on facts, it’s arrogance. No metric can support what you’ve written: Not audience, revenue, impact, relevance, etc,” Leifert said.

In this Wednesday’s publication (22), Ícaro Silva stated that he was flattered for having provoked a reaction in the form of a text on the journalist’s social networks, “which did not occur in the cases of racism, religious intolerance, misogyny, homophobia and sexual abuse in the program that you presented,” he wrote.

“Impressive how there are things that pass and others that interrupt our peace of mind, isn’t it?”, he joked. He added that his vanity faded when he saw that Leifert’s retort “is based on the money fetish of common boys”. At this point, he insinuated that the presenter only joined Globo because he had a relative at the station —Gilberto Leifert, Tiago’s father, worked at Globo for 30 years, from 1988 to 2018.​

“I’ve known a lot of kids in my life who based their opinions on the systematic logic of money. Guys with nothing special. Not talented, not handsome, not anything, but who had the right looks and submission, plus a relative in the right place, you know? I think you do.”

The actor also recalled that he did not talk about all the reality shows and that he even stood out by participating in one of them, the Show dos Famosos no Domingão do Faustão, in 2017. At the time, the artist stood out by performing as Beyoncé .

“I imagine running shoes are comfortable, but I literally had to put on high heels, tights, a wig and perform like the greatest entertainment diva in history to get the country to start looking at me. And that’s because I already had a 22-year career in It’s just that my father is a civil servant, you know? I don’t think he knows.”

Ícaro also stated that he did not want to offend the reality show participants. “I deeply respect the trajectory of those who have been on reality shows and knew how to push themselves towards their dreams,” he said. However, he maintained the criticism: “My opinion, expressed, I confess, with some anger, concerns the culture of human exposure and exploitation to which confinement reality shows survive.”


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