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BBB 23: Internet users say that reality is Renata Lo Prete’s nightmare


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Renata Lo Prete, presenter of Jornal da Globo, joined the most commented subjects on Twitter due to the premiere of Big Brother Brasil 23, this Monday (16). Internet users used social networks to post memes and remember that the journalist will start the newspaper later due to the program.

“After 2022, the last weekend and this hell of scammers, poor Loprete, the BBB is coming! Go ahead, Bonner releases tennis!”, tweeted internet user Tita Gonçalves, remembering the day the journalist started presenting the news tennis shoes and switched to high heels. “Renata Lo Prete is confirmed in the BBB 23 ‘camera’ group”, joked internet user Marcos Zan.

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“If the day is bad for you, imagine for Renata Lo Prete that starting today she will start coming in at 2 am because of the BBB 23″, wrote Michel Souza in the caption of a photo of the journalist yawning. “Renata Lo Prete’s nightmare begins today”, tweeted @Ree_2309.

“Today begins the BBB 23 and the question that remains is: will Renata Lo Prete say good night or good morning at the opening of Jornal da Globo?”, asked Jorge Sanguineto in the caption of a meme by the journalist. “At least Renata Lo Prete will be able to go on air every day in tennis and good”, joked the Twitter user who identifies himself as @notasdobruno.

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At the end of last year, the journalist spoke to Conversa com Bial (Globo) about presenting the television news later due to reality and the affection of viewers. “When the BBB comes, we are even more chipped, but then something sensational happens, which is the following: the Brazilian people sympathize with our situation. This solidarity is the most beautiful thing to see”, said the journalist.

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